SSRS Rounding problem when doing Totals

If you have a rounded value like ROUND(VALUE,2) in the detail section and when you try to do a total in SSRS you might find yourself having a Rounding problem. As you can see below the sum of the total is off by a penny.
SSRS Rounding Problem -1
The original expression for the total was like this. However, instead of summing the rounded values SSRS was actually summing the values and try to round it which is causing a problem.
SSRS Rounding Problem -2
The only way I was able to fix the problem was treating the value as a string and do a rounding using Format() function like FORMAT(VALUE, “#,0.00”) then since the value becomes a text convert it back to decimal using CDEC(). Finally, you could run your SUM() as usual.
SSRS Rounding Problem -3
As you can see this fixed the problem and the report shows correct amount 90 cents.
SSRS Rounding Problem -4